(6) Lipz Chronicles: Is Love Enough?

Great! You’re still with me! Our crazy dating life events haven’t blown your mind yet… I have so much more to share so it’s good you’re still keeping up *whew*

The exact hour that Mark got dressed and left our apartment, bae from the beach date sent a “good morning” text. Uh oh, I, lowkey forgot about him! Ali quickly says, “hey GM, how is your day going so far?”

Smooth, Ali… let’s talk about this, though! Beach bae was such a gentleman, he’s a looker, AND he hasn’t hurt our feelings! Granted, he hasn’t been around long enough to, but still. These are FACTS!! Are we going to reject someone who is remorseful and back to rekindle for someone we hardly know? While I’m busy thinking about what to do, he texts back, “I’m great! Would love to see you today.” Quickly, she send, “Same here! Where and when?” OMG woman… do you stop to think about any of these mind-boggling details? She is on a fast track these few days. Not sure where I was left behind. I thought I was master-minding this quest for forever kissable lips. *rolls eyes* I guess I shouldn’t be too upset, she’s on a faster track to solve this mystery than I am!

The date is set, so Ali hops in the shower, shaves her legs, and then hits me with a light scrub. Ahhhh! Now... it’s a good morning! Looks like we got some new product from Lip Lock’d recently. With my clouded thoughts lately, I didn’t even notice the teal mailer arrived a few days ago. Yesss! Wonder what I get to fall in love with next?

The tall black cap comes off and a bright pink stick glides up. I’m like, okay, Ali are you trying to replace my You Wish vibes?? As she applies, I notice the difference immediately! This isn’t a lipstick at all! It’s a gorgeous tinted balm!! What the whaaaaa… I feel so good and you already know, I look good too!! The vibrant pink transferred to me lightly but evenly. I had a pink tint that made me feel complete. Yep, I am moisturized and glammed with one product. Man, those girls over at Lip Lock’d are on it. They really speak to my soul!! This Hydrating Lip Balm is neck and neck as a new fave. I know Beach bae will love this one.

We pulled up to the brunch spot and immediately spotted Beach Bae. He stood up from his seat and came to open the door for us. When we sat down, the waiter came over with the carafe of mimosa, as if on queue. Look at him trying to score more points… no lie, his efforts are working lol We love a good mimosa!

He greeted us a huge smile and a fresh cologne and lotion smell. *heart skips a few beats* I wonder to myself, so are we locking lips with Beach Bae today? I mean, he deserves it!

Okay, I’ll be patient. Let’s see how this plays out. 

Hours pass and we are still laughing with Beach bae; thoroughly enjoying his company. By this time, he has caressed our hand at least 15 times, paid for the check, and showed us pics of his two baby nephews. Who is this guy? Soulmate #2? Come on, Ali, let me be the deciding factor. I can tell if he’s meant for us. If we lock lips and its bad, we know how to answer today’s scandal! I can do this. I can help. Put me in Coach! 

She heard me!! She looks Beach Bae in the eyes, leans in, and he follows her motions. I am 2 cm from his set of puckers, and, okay, this is where I had to take a step back, ya’ll. He burped…. 2 CM from my face and his gut couldn’t hold it any longer. The smell of garlic, truffle, and champagne was a gross mixture. We both shared the truffle fries, but geez! I made the executive decision to give him a pass this time because, even though he just lost about 10 points, he still had a positive bank of points on standby. Ali laughed it off and he followed her lead. He was a little embarrassed and very apologetic.

Moving closer again and I get excited all over again. Come on Beach Bae. Bring it to Mama!

And the Eagle has landed, Ladies. We lock’d lips. It was 5 sec adventure. Allowing time to marinate and develop…. The verdict? ...Despite his put-together aura, we were going to have to practice this part. Awkward, out of rhythm, and sloppy…. All characteristics of this man’s kissing style. Why? Where did he take a wrong turn in life to make him think that this an acceptable technique? Sir, we are adults and this requires lots of coaching. Hmmmm… I have a lot to think about now. Do I really feel like teaching him how to kiss me? Do I want to give my energy to this new guy like that AND have the un-easy convo in the first place? 

Is love enough to make us choose Mark, though? I, personally, love his lips, and he loves me back. But is it enough to re-ignite the spark and start fresh? Work through our insecurities and issues together? 


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