(7) Lipz Chronicles: Matte Over Matter

Hey there, Gorgeous! Welcome back to the saga of drama, the quest for perfection, the secret mission… over here, Ali and I are toying over the ideas of fresh starts vs. new endeavors that require coaching. So many options and our entire life is on the line. 

So to ease the pressure, Ali set up a brunch date with her closest girlfriends. All the while, the girls are showing up and the mimosas and cocktails are being prepped. I love to be a part of these events with our friends. My other Lip friends are here and we get to gossip and share details on our lives. Ali and I have the most to share since Beach bae AND Mark have strong positives about themselves. 

We need the input of the girls to help sway the votes. Give us some extra insight. But first, lipstick! We scrubbed this morning and went straight for one of the new Fall shades from Lip Lock’d Cosmetics, Crazy In Love. Fitting right? Since this whole love quest is definitely driving ME crazy! This shade, just like You Wish, was luscious and smooth. Super soft to compliment my newly scrubbed smooth canvas. The color, though….. I shocked myself in the mirror! We are fabulous by ALL accounts. Deep purple hue that just spoke fireplaces and hot cocoa with a hint of diva! Oh you already know that I am feeling myself now, girlfriend.

The minosas begin to flow and the girls are, on queue, complimenting my shade. We sip and laugh and gossip, all the while, there’s no sign that my new lipstick is coming off on the champagne flute… no surprise there, but still nice to see it in action! Long lasting and less times that Ali has to re-touch me. I can just live my best life for hours. I’m a fan, what more can I say??

We go on to explain the current dilemma we find ourselves in. Bad kisser vs. previous cheater; the jist of the question/answer segment. “Oh so Mark let his young girl go, huh?” says our BFF Mariah. She sent us the photo proof in the first place. We should have known that she wouldn’t approve of a second chance. Darla, our other Bestie, says “But I thought you really loved Mark? Ya’ll had the wedding and baby talk so that’s a big deal. I say try again.”

Ugh, again with the conflicting advice. I take another sip of my mimosa and my eyes are drawn to the door. In walks a 6’2 guy in khaki pants and a fitted lilac button-up shirt. He adjusts his brown rim glasses as he takes a seat at the bar and requests a gin and tonic. 

I can already see that Ali has her sights set on talking to this guy. Her gaze is embarrassingly obvious. I try to distract her by saying something crazy to snap her back to reality, “So girls, I’m thinking of getting a vajacial soon!” The girls almost choke on their cocktails and start to chuckle. “A what?” Ok great! I’ve gotten her to stop focusing on cutie at the bar… for now.  

My efforts don’t last long because cutie comes to our table with his pretty white teeth and lilac shirt. “Hi, I’m sorry to interrupt but I saw you from the bar and couldn’t pass on the opportunity to meet you. My name is Jason” He reaches his hand out to Ali to shake and she accepts and gives a shy smile. “I’m Ali. Nice to meet you.” They lock eyes for a while, but I was only concerned about one thing. How are the man’s lips, Ali? She scanned down his face and we got a good glimpse at his lips. I could tell he cared about his dental hygiene and lip care. Okay, that’s a good start, but Ali, pause babe! We are already in a situation where we can’t pick which guy we want. Are you really trying to add another to the mix to confuse us more?? She’s really putting on the pressure these days. 

In Ali, total diva fashion, she exchanges numbers with Jason. Yup, just great. Another great guy… who would have thought that the tables would turn to these types of problems? 

Shhhh…. Are your lips lock’d? Yea yea, I know. Stop keeping secrets from Ali. But not yet, we have so much on our mind these days. I promise i will soon though!

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