(9) Lipz Chronicles: Consistency, Kissabilty, & Hygiene

Oh girl….you have no idea of the anxiety levels I feel right now. If you’ve been keeping up, which I’m sure you have been, you know the stress we under to pick the right guy. You’ve been such a great listener and OMG, the ultimate best at keeping this tea under wraps! You have mastered the art of keeping your lips Lock’d and no one appreciates that more than moi! You know, I’m still working on telling Ali my secret plan for us, but it never seems to be the right time, you know? One day soon… Maybe after the New Year. That’s a good plan! Haha! 

Three great men, each one with their own issues or situations. Today Ali is planning to take a beat from the dates, texting and Facetime with these guys. I think she finally understands me when I tell her that we have too many options! We only need ONE! All of this is just too much for me to wrap my luscious self around. 

So, by the way, you know Christmas is around the corner and our BFF gifted us a little early. She knows our heart and sent us the latest product from Lip Lock’d Cosmetics. I have so many rave reviews of the Liquid Matte Lipstick, but today’s gift I think may slide in for the win!

So first, Ali is not big on lining me. I know, I know! I’ve been trying to be patient with her because we can’t always find the right colors to match the lipstick ... but when I tell you that the girls at Lip Lock’d have found the answer to this struggle, Honey! Lining is just a little something that keeps the color from spreading beyond my natural line. A want, not a need, but nonetheless, this dual-end tube is half lip liner and half liquid lipstick! Such a cute addition ;-)

What in the World! I’ve never seen anything like this, let alone been able to experience this combo for myself. Ali was so excited to try the shade named Gold Bars. She hopped in the mirror and took the cap off of the liner side. I was so pumped to see how I would look in the shimmery gold lipstick. Deep inside wondering how this could be matte and shimmer gold at the same time. But anyway the liner went on effortlessly. Perfect Ali! Next step, the lipstick. Again, my girl is getting the hang of this. Easy application and smooth color across me had me feeling the Spirit of Christmas and Love and all the New Year vibes! But wait! That’s not the end of this product fabulous-ness! When it dries, which took all of 3 sec, it IS matte and it still shimmers too! *Swoon*

You know how I love to gush over myself and my, *clears throat*, I mean “our” amazing collection, but I HAVE to get back to the story at hand! 

Okay so you may need for me to recap on the options: 

  1. Mark - great guy, great kisser. We were actually in love until he cheated on us
  2. Beach bae - a unicorn-type of man. But BAD kisser
  3. Jason - awesome personality, decent kisser. Lots of baggage

The clock is ticking before one of them forces us to commit. Especially Mark. Regrettably, he’s been on pause for about 2 weeks now, but what did he expect? He messed up, not us! We need time to process, jeez! 

Right as we take a sip of tea and begin to make a Pro/Con list, the phone rings. “Hey Boo,” says the deep husky voice on the other end. “Hey there,” Ai replies. Um, sorry. Did I miss something? Who’s this guy? I don’t recognize the voice. But Ali sure does. 

“So I was wondering if I could take you out for brunch today. I have a business meeting with some of my partners in like 4 hours and I have some time to squeeze in a little FaceTime with you and maybe a mimosa.” “Yea sure. Send me the address and I’ll meet you,” she replies without hesitation. I swear, she can never say “No” to a good mimosa invitation. She must have forgotten our current task at hand. 

While she starts to prepare and get dressed, I’m still trying to figure out who this guy is! Ali heard me and jogged my memory. This is a guy that we started communicating with from Tinder months ago. He was always so busy and we kind of got bored of the inconsistency. From what I recall, he was a nice guy. Good looking, of course and a great job. But I CANNOT for the life of me remember what his lips looked like. Nothing to write home about, apparently. 

When we show up to the restaurant, I remembered him automatically. Yesss! This guy, I didn’t like. We met him before and not only does he smack his food and talk while he chews, but then has the nerve to want to tongue me down after the meal. “Sir, I was disgusted for about 15 minutes already, why would I want to kiss you now?” Now these are my thoughts. Obviously, Ali had other opinions of him… or is it the free mimosas? Haha! Who knows but she can’t be serious. I would never pick him over our other dashing candidates. I’ll allow her this moment, but I am NOT kissing this guy. Actually, I think I may take this time to be with my own thoughts, while Ali takes the wheel on this one. Nothing for me to see here. 

While she sips and snacks with the “Smacker,” I take to my own thoughts and start the mental list of Pros/Cons. Consistency, kissabilty, hygiene, all things at the top of my list. Option 1, 2, or 3…. I think my choice may be crystal clear, but my happiness and future are tied to the needs of Ali, as well. I can’t be selfish on this one. And this is a BIG one! This decision could change our entire lives! I’m not sure I thought this mission through when I started or maybe didn’t think I would have so many options to choose from? Either way, I think I may need to solicit outside help! 

I've got an idea! You guys/ladies can vote on the guy you would choose and share my story with your friends and get them to vote, as well? This time, I need you to spill the tea because your girl needs assistance and insight! 

Let’s try to resolve this before the New Year! We want to be kissing long-term Bae at the stroke of midnight!

I know I can count on you, babe. Be back soon! 


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