Lip Lock'd Cosmetics Introduces: LIPZ CHRONICLES

Oh, hey there! Welcome to Puckerton County in Asheville, FL. A place where the drama never ends and the tea is always being spilled, but you didn’t hear that from me #IJS. … I’m Lipz, by the way. Pleasure to meet you! Let me properly introduce myself; I’m 31 years old, living in a hip, up and coming neighborhood, and some would refer to me as a young professional. I went to college in NYC and came back home to be close to family. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about adult-ing so far, but the hardest part? Dating … total shocker, right? 

Have you ever been looking for something in particular and just continue to run into roadblocks and constant drama that stall your progress?? Well, me too… I’ve been on an investigative mission to find the perfect set of lips that I can kiss and be connected to forever.. 

If you haven’t noticed, I am the lips of my human, Ali. She has her way of running things, but i have my own set of criteria that has to be met. The dating scene is tricky, so I intend to be your eyes and ears, so to speak on our dating saga. 

Follow me as I take you through our life from my perspective. Because lips are the first impression and the most important asset to a woman. Through these experiences, I’ve been able to pull together a Top Secret Lipz Chronicles… that has a nice ring to it! I’ve been exposed to some of the ABSOLUTE must-haves in the dating realm, so I can’t wait to share them with you…. I know Ali likes to keep her dating life private, but I NEED to give you the facts. My Human can’t know that I’m sharing our business…. So…. Are you ready to keep your Lips Lock’d?

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