(2) Lipz Chronicles: #1 Way to Reel Him In

Hey there, It’s me, again, Lipz. You know I am just so happy that I have someone that will listen to these behind the scenes stories that my human, Ali, and I share. It’s like I’ve been bottling them up for so long! My own personal search for the perfect kissable lips is on-going, and as I mentioned, Ali, has been really trying to put us out there to be noticed. Did you know Facebook has a Dating section now? We didn’t either, but of course, Ali signed us up for it smh… 

Anyway, enough about the recent failures! I wanted to tell you about our date yesterday and last night! So we met this guy at the gym. A gym that we recently got a membership to so that we could blow off steam, work on our glutes, and work on that little roll on the side, you know? TMI? Sorry!! Okay okay, but this guy, he is a fine one. Nice build, smooth skin, nice lips (my fave part!). I had my lipgloss poppin' and Ali had on a cute little athletic outfit. We were on the squat machine (you already know), when we saw him from afar, I gave him a little pucker and he came right over. Thinking back on it, I think it may have been because of the luscious subtle glitter from the Lip Luster gloss from Lip Lock'd Cosmetics. But, after chatting for a few minutes, he and Ali exchanged numbers. They talked about heading to the beach front for the day and dinner by the Seawall. Exciting right?!

I was so happy about this a date. His lips looked smooth and that means he cares about the receiver of those lips… which hopefully will be me! *sigh* But… back to the date. Honey, he took us to carnival a block from the beach and then to a cute beach front restaurant that we have been dying to get to. He’s getting points already, ya’ll.

You know how I love my little side-note stories, so speaking of the sun and the beach, I had a pretty bad experience last time I was here. A few months ago I wasn’t feeling like my normally soft and succulent self. I felt more dark and dry. I was constantly peeling.... My lipstick wasn’t doing it for me and I couldn’t stay moisturized. I felt so undesirable, embarrassed, and ashamed. Chapped lips don’t get you very far, you know. I had to shake this... I, well Ali, immediately started doing research on what could be the problem.  I was shocked to find out that without protection, lips can get sun damaged. Who knew?

Since Lip Lock’d Cosmetics is our go-to ever since finding out about the lip scrubs, previously, Ali found the Vitamin C stick on their site: www.liplockdcosmetics.net. With the speedy check out process and 1-2 day shipping time, we received our Vitamin C stick and now? ... It is a must! I saw results immediately I felt fresh, hydrated, clean, and just the right amount of moisture daily. You better believe we took this miracle working Vitamin C stick with us on the beach date! Won’t catch me slippin' again! I may just pass it to cutie, get him all moisturized and protected. Only the best when it comes to kissing these gorgeous puckers! 

Keep those lips lock’d. I can’t have these Top Secret facts spread like wildfire yet. Remember, my Human, isn’t as forthright with the tea like I am!


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