(3) Lipz Chronicles: What If It’s Just a Night-Cap?

So glad to see you again… Lipz, here. You know our convos are like therapy for me! I just get to rant about my likes and dislikes and you listen so patiently… never judgy like some of my other friends around here! It’s been a few days and you know I have tea to spill. As you know, we met the guy at the gym and went on the amazing beach date. We laughed, we talked, we yelled in excitement on the carnival rides…. SWOON! He was the perfect gentleman. We held hands as we walked down the pier and he gave us a hug as we ended the night.

I know what you’re thinking… did we kiss? Did I get to lip lock with this gorgeous man? Ugh… unfortunately, the answer is no… Ali was going on and on about how she wanted to take things slow with this guy and really get to know him. I was like, “Huh? Why? Those lips….NOOO!” Ok girl, I’ll fall back a little and let the connection grow a little. I understand…but not really!

First date or not, Ali wanted him to understand how important our purpose of dating was. We do not have time for the games, the tricks, and for not here for anyone wasting our time. They both really seem into each other and was totally receptive to her laying out the facts on day 1. I was sitting back just waiting for this beautiful love story to unfold.  

After our date, we got into the apartment, let our Cocker Spaniel puppy, Torrence, out of his cage to go outside, and, “DING.” We got a text message. But we know that text tone. We gave it to a guy we dated like a year ago, named Mark. “What the hell does HE want?” I wondered. And “Damn, I thought we blocked him, Sis!”

Ali reads the message out loud. “Hey Ali, long time no talk, but um, I’m in town for the weekend and was wondering if you wanted to get a drink or something.” I can feel her brain working and over-thinking, so I moved to express my disapproval. One may call this move the “side-eye for lips.” No girl… we have been down this road before and we didn’t like where it lead us. Leave his ass on “Read.” 

Too late, she texted back, “sure what time!” *slaps forehead in disgust* She quickly hopped in the shower, again, and puts on some cute ripped jeans and tank that really show that we’ve been in the gym lately. Tattoos out, cleavage on 10, and thigh meat exposed, I reluctantly accepted the matte shade that she applied to me after a quick scrub. I mean, I have to say that I looked good. Vibrant hot pink hue, that left me to be the star of the show tonight. She really knows how to butter me up. Using the Lip Lock’d Cosmetic shade, You Wish, always puts me in my diva mood. That’s the least she could do, considering I don’t approve of this choice of a night cap companion.

We catch an Uber to the lounge of choice, sashay in, and there he is. Mark is tall, with broad shoulders, a beard gang member, and built like a former NFL player. Sly smile that makes the hair on your arms stand up and lips that he can never seem to stop licking. From experience and my perspective though, his lips are his best assets. Oh no… what has Ali done? Now that he sits across from us, I don’t even remember why I don’t like him *Kanye shrug* …I just want those lips again. Come on Ali, go for it! 

BTW, are your lips still lock’d?? She would kill me if she knew I told you this much detail!


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