(4) Lipz Chronicles: How He Fell In Love With Me

Welcome back! I am on a rollercoaster of emotions and I can’t seem to sort them out. I can only imagine how Ali feels. Probably a wreck, but I haven’t stopped for a second to check in. So glad you’re here so I can talk through all of this. 

So I bet you’re wondering how Mark and Ali fell apart over a year ago, with seemingly so much chemistry. They met at the grocery store one day and it was like Love At First Sight. I mean, I was actually impressed with his gentleman-like demeanor, family values, and work ethic. He paid Ali’s car note (um, yes please), cooked sometimes, and he took out her trash when he spent the night. He was a damn unicorn!

Enough about him, though. Me and Ali are pretty on top of our game, as well. She created a beauty routine for us that kept me soft, smooth, and the center of everyone’s attention. So, without question, I became dead sold on Lip Lock’d Cosmetics! They have everything a pair of lips needs. Almost every formula has Vitamin A, C, and E, plus antioxidants, mango, and shea butter. These ingredients create a powerhouse of moisture retention and sun protection. The perfect combinations.

After a night of scrubbing with the brown or white sugar lip scrub, I always bathe in the Vitamin C stick. After I’m all moisturized, I get painted with my absolute fave... the Liquid Luster Lipgloss. The thing I love the most is that it sparkles! Who doesn’t love a little glitter, right?

Mark was infatuated with me. Let me tell you, I can upstage any set of lips in a 50 mile radius. I would bet on it! They are usually dressed in Carmex, Chap Stick, Vaseline! Tuh, how basic?! I come through shining. I know the other lips are looking, but I just pucker up and shimmer on. The gloss just adds the brightness you need to get through any type of day. It also keeps me moisturized and smooth. No sticky lips over here. Ali keeps so many colors, Dazzle, Goldie Luxe, and more standing tall on the makeup counter. Also, luckily for me, having lipstick on doesn't stop me from being able to flaunt my lustrous sparkle gloss. I can wear the gloss alone or on top of any other lipstick that she wants.... it just gives any lipstick color that added POP! You know? Like that extra bit of fabulous that I need sometimes to boost my day.

As you can tell, the bottom line is that, Ali is undoubtedly beautiful and so smart, but I am what made Mark fall for us. Was there ever a question that I stole his heart?? 

Where did it go wrong then? After months of dating, 7 to be exact, and discussing a long term commitment, and even kids, Ali got a call from one of her friends saying that they were in the mall and Mark, our Mark, was in Forever 21 with some young chick, that they didn’t recognize. The friend shot us a candid pic of the two laughing and showing all kinds of PDA. Our heart… broke…

After long weeks of crying, deleting posts from social media, eating endless quarts of ice cream, ordering take-out daily, and trying our best to move on, we were actually able to make the first step and get back out there. We got the gym membership, created profiles on dating sights, and then started going on this whirlwind dating circuit.

Missing Mark’s soft and manly lips is what inspired my mission in the first place. He simply had lips that made you feel safe and protected and wanted. Since he wasn’t our soulmate, there has to be a man that is, right? But where? The search continues, obviously… that is until we met for that drink the other day.  

Psst… are your lips lock’d still? You’ve been doing so well so far. I feel like you may be my gate-keeper of secrets, haha! Keep it up!!


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