(1) Lipz Chronicles: It’s a Date! #1 Tip to Perfectly Kissable Lips

“It’s a date!” Did I REALLY just say that, again?! Dating has become a thing lately and all I can say is that I’m not all that excited about it. See my human, Ali has been ….. oh by the way, how rude of me. Let me introduce myself before I start my rant. I go by the name Lipz. It’s nice to meet you! As Ali and I have been together our whole lives, we vibe differently. She really listens to me and takes care of me. So, in turn, like any BFF would, I make sure that I am able to be her best asset at all times. We’re down to Earth girls, you know? We scroll IG when we get bored, take random trips to Target to check out new bed sheet sets (welcome to adulthood, right?), and thoroughly enjoy happy hour with our main gal pals. Normal, educated, beauties, just tryna make it. Ok back to the topic at hand, dating. *rolls eyes*

Let’s just say I, yes, me personally, am on a search to find the perfect kissable lip-mate. I know he’s out there, but girl I am experiencing dry convo after crusty lips after ashy ring around the mouth along the way. I can tell you I have stories for days, juicy stories! Ali doesn’t know my motives yet, but I am doing this for US… she will totally understand HAHAHA

Back to the story that I started, Ali has been dating a lot lately and quite frankly I am tired of talking. I am so ready for her to find her Prince Charming so that I can be matched with my lip mate too. It almost seems like an impossible task though and let me tell you, I have talked, eaten, and yawned through some nightmarish dates. For example, we went out with Bernard a few days ago. Oh Bernard, bless his heart, but, my God, he was boring. Such a waste of a good face and not to mention his lips. However, the stuff coming out those lips, bored me half to death. After forming so many uh huhs, really’s, and woooow’s, I was tired and felt very dry. Dry like Bernard’s conversation. Hahaha, I crack myself up! But really, after the first 30 minutes, I knew he wouldn’t be my kiss.

After the date, I started to feel weary and dry, so, my girl, Ali did something that was a pure revelation! She SCRUBBED me!!!! The sugar, the honey, the vitamins, whew! I felt like a new pair of lips, honey!

Scrubbing is now one of my favorite things. Like a pure and simple 2-minute spa retreat. When it comes to our skincare beauty routine, the Lip Lock’d Scrub is the absolute best and must. It works miracles and comes in fun scents to match the seasons. They even taste amazing. I’ve been telling all my other lip buddies about it.

Lip Lock’d Scrub keeps me looking healthy and feeling soft. Oh wait! I think Ali heard my thoughts. She’s pulling out the scrub jar now. Time for my little me-time spa, honey. I will have to catch you all later...Let’s scrub! Get your lips date-ready!


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