(8) Lipz Chronicles: Who Needs Titles?

Hey there! I am so happy to see you! I have been in turmoil of anxious emotion for days! Ali is not listening to me and I have so many opinions about the way that she is running our life right now!

Okay let me back up a little bit and explain. Remember Jason from the bar? Of course you do. Honey from the bar in the lilac button up! Right, him… ahh!!! We went on a date the next day. Yup you guessed it… gentlemen, opened doors, paid for the ENTIRE bill, and even planned the date. Okay so there’s a colony of unicorns around here somewhere that i didn’t know about, apparently? 

What’s wrong with him, you ask? Why is he single and trying to mingle… with us. Well, he is recently divorced, two kids, and lives at his mom’s house while he recovers from the divorce. So why is he looking to date us? I keep asking Ali and she’s not interested in finding out the truth right now. We had a great time with him. I will admit. He’s funny and intelligent. We talked about everything from politics to silly tv shows. So i guess now we’re smitten… *rolls eyes* “Don’t fall for it, girl. He has so much baggage. Our other options don’t. Let this be the deciding factor.”

Since we met him the other day, the other two guys are getting simple texts and short convo. I guess she’s trying to buy time, but, honestly, we haven’t been connecting on how we feel right now. She processes a little differently than myself. I, personally, like to keep things simple and lather in the Lip Lock’d Cosmetic Lip Butter. The vitamins and butters just make me feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket of moisture. I feel secure and protected. Not to mention the SPF 15 that this miracle balm has. Have you ever sat in front of a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, warmed by the thickest blanket on a snowy day? That’s the vibe I get from this balm. No lies! In this time of stress, it’s all I need. 

Okay so back to Jason. I know you’re dying to know if I was able to lock lips with this hunk… HA! I guess you may know by now :)

Before I spread that tea, let me first say that Jason is a great guy. He shows up on time and he also smells of Axe body spray, which I am a huge fan of. We ended our date by taking a brisk walk on one of the lake fronts in town. Lights for the upcoming Holiday Season lit the area and it was truly a romantic spot. He found a way to create all of the right vibes for a romantic and appropriate kiss, right? Well, I thought so too! After talking to him all night, I was ready for more now. I had to see if the lips would measure to the man. Let’s not forget our most recent disappointment, a little over a week ago.   

We leaned in and landed on his lips. Smooth, warm, and peppermin-ty. Whew!!! Sparks like the Fourth of July went off in our mind. Total win! Without a doubt, he enjoyed it, as well. Kept coming back for more for the rest of the evening. A little peck here and there. And another Grand Finale by the time he dropped me off at my apartment. So you may be wondering why I am so convinced that we have a problem with these options. 

I am the practical one in this relationship, if you haven’t noticed. Ali is an Optimistic Romantic Fairy Tale type of girl… I am the Realist and, mostly I help guide us. At this point though, the romance of it all is catching up to me too. Three handsome guys, wonderful dates, great conversation… we could see ourselves with any of them, honestly. Even with Jason’s baggage, at least he was honest about it right? 

Oh no… is Ali’s perspective rubbing off on me? Who needs titles, right? We can keep dating them all. No one is REALLY pressing for a commitment, except for Mark. Ugh, no we have to make a decision. We can’t string these great guys along. Choose and be done with the search. But who to choose?

I’m starting to get a little tense and dry. Let me get Ali to put on my Lip Butter so that I can think straight. Be back soon!


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