Have You Met The Owner of Lip Lock'd?

Lip Lock'd Cosmetics is led by an Unapologetic woman, Ashley Turner. Her strength and creativity give this brand life, but let us introduce her properly and with flair: 
Ashley Turner is a 33 year old Capricorn woman, that currently resides in Houston, Texas, but was mostly raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Yep, the Show Me State! She earned a Bachleor's Degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia (Go Tigers!) & in 2013, finished a Master's Degree from Webster University. 
Since arriving in Houston, Ashley has worked in the cosmetic industry. Specifically, in Operations, which involves Sourcing, Planning, Procurement, and Logistics. Utilizing these skills within her own organization gives her a leg up on staying organizing, bultivating vendor relationships, creating reasonable pricing structures and so much more! 
In 2016, the idea of Lip Lock'd Cosmetics was conceived and the idea of creating a brand that focused solely on one's lips consumed Ashley's thoughts. Officially launching in 2018, this brand is intended to attract and cater to women that have an interested in cosmetic products, want to feel beautiful, and also have social lives that require long lasting shades and moisture elements for all seasons. 
One of Ashley's passions is helping and encouring her peers around her. She has so much knowledge to share, not just about your lips or lipstick, but about industry trends, how to find what you're looking for as an aspiring entreprenuer, etc. 
Continue to Follow Ashley's growth and expansion, as she launches a Youtube channel, a Podcast, and so much more. 
She continues to inspire us as a tenacious leader and aspiring mogul! 
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