Top 5 Ingredients You Must Have In Your Skincare Routine

When thinking of all of the ingredients in the World, it can be overwhelming to think of the Top 5 that are the most important. We all know the common ones, Rose Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Antioxidants, so on and so forth.

But what are those TOP 5 aspects that we need in order to keep our skin glowing, healthy and elastic? Speaking of skincare, I bet you don’t think of your lips in that category. Yep, I figured! But OMG, they are the most sensitive skin that you have. They are the first impression when meeting someone new. They are the vehicle of our conversations and can be one the most memorable traits that people remember when you leave their presence. So it only makes sense to loop lip care products into this convo, as well.

 Let’s walk through these ingredient categories and get into the details:


"Skin is in critical need of antioxidants to interrupt environmental damage," says Paula Begoun, the founder of Paula's Choice and author of over 20 books about skin-care and cosmetics. "There are so many of these ranging from vitamin C, to grape, green tea, resveratrol, beta glucan, licorice, vitamin E, quercetin, nonfragrant plant oils and adenosine, to mention just a few."


"Skin-restoring ingredients (sometimes called cell-communicating ingredients) actually tell skin cells to make better, younger cells. This category of ingredients are phenomenally important and fascinating," says Begoun. "A wide variety of peptides do this brilliantly, but retinol and niacinamide are the most well researched of them all."


"Hydrating or skin-repairing ingredients are fundamental to keeping the barrier of skin healthy, smooth and young. They re-build the structures of skin to keep the barrier functioning as youthful skin does. These include ceramides, glycerin, lecithin, hyaluronic acid and omega fatty acids," notes Begoun.


"For daily resurfacing of skin to help skin cells shed like they did before age and sun damage got in the way, an AHA or BHA ingredient in the right concentrations can change skin overnight in ways you never thought possible," says Begoun.


“Sunscreen ingredients go without saying, because without these everything else is really for naught. Sort of like thinking you can eat healthy and still smoke cigarettes and not get lung disease or other health problems."

Rather than get too specific — after all, different people may require different skin-care regimens — the approach here is more of an overview and big-picture perspective. Skin-care ingredients in categories rather than listing them out one by one. Just like your diet needs certain food groups for the nutrients they provide your body, skin is the same way. There are far more than five or 10 ingredients or foods your body needs to be healthy, and that is true for skin as well.

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