Lock & Key: Q&A w/ Kam Franklin

We sat down with Houston music legend Kam Franklin to talk about her inspiration, creative process, self-care routines, confidence and much more. We're so happy to share this with you all and to celebrate Kam's unapologetic joy and beauty. Enjoy!

Where did you get your confidence, and how has it developed as you’ve grown up?

My confidence comes from the people I love and surround myself with. My family, my friends, my people. They lift me up so high and I love them for loving me. What does your self care routine look like? My self care routine consists of exercise, water, cannabis, and conversations with people I love.

What is your beauty routine before you go on stage?

I *try* to not wear concealer on stage. I sweat super heavy, but I will wear eyeshadow and lipstick. Water going inside of me, means my skin will be poppin' on the outside of me, so water is a major part of my skincare routine. Most importantly, washing my face and moisturizing before bed. I definitely see the difference in the morning when I don’t.

When you need a boost of energy, what do you gravitate toward

Vegetables and Beyoncé. Works every time.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I’m on stage and or when the sunshine is shining on my face.

Which Lip Lock’d products are you currently using, and when do you find them most useful?

The “Red She Said” lipstick has been my favorite. I have only been wearing lipstick for myself these days due to the COVID mask orders, but I love the color and it’s been my go to for virtual performances recently.

Who inspires you, whether it’s beauty, attitude, self love or otherwise?

Strong women that aren’t afraid to show who they are. My Grandma had 8 kids, and she’s always been a muse to me. Her influence and love for bright colors, sequin, and fashion jewelry are a big part of why I’m so extra.

You’ve been very vocal on empowering voters, especially in Texas. What message do you want to deliver to voters, and what was your journey in becoming such an advocate?

Get out and vote early! Additionally, if you’re not happy with the current elected officials, VOTE THEM OUT, and VOTE IN the change you want to see. My journey has been a lifelong one. I’m finally at an age where I’m seeing how and where I can be of influence, but I want to encourage the younger generation to involve themselves more in the process and their local elections so that we can come together to improve it.

Whether through The Suffers or on your own, you’ve been a force in empowering Houstonians. What do you love about Houston?

Thank you. I love the food, the music, and endless blending of cultures. I feel like it’s allowed me to understand the world in a way that wouldn’t have existed had I grown up elsewhere.

We love “Just Another Guy”, and it feels like a message that we can all relate to. What was the process of making the song?

Thank you! I wrote it remotely with my friend Chris Tsagakis (of RX Bandits and Board Sports). It was one of the first songs I wrote at the beginning of the pandemic and served as a great escape from everything that was happening. He worked from Long Beach and I worked in Houston, and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

The cover art for “Be so Hard” is stunning! Whether it’s a photoshoot or being up on stage, what is your cosmetics and beauty routine, and what looks do you go for?

Thank you so much! I love makeup looks that would have got me sent home from school. The brighter the better! I love the opportunity to push the boundaries by having fun with my looks. Makeup is an escape for me and I love telling a story through it.

Follow along with Kam on Instagram @bamitskam.

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