Lock & Key: Q&A w/ Nia Stewart

We were lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Nia Stewart, also known as @curlsandpurpose on Instagram. Nia represents so much of what the Lip Lock'd brand stands for, especially her unapologetic beauty and her love for life. 


We sat down and talked about beauty routine, self-care habits and tons more. See below and keep and eye out for more collaborations with this lovely!


Where did you get your confidence, and how has it developed as you’ve grown up?

I’ve always been confident growing up, but when I decided to embrace my natural hair, it was definitely a confidence boost!


What does your self care routine look like?  

My self-care routine normally consists of unplugging from the world, being alone and taking a nap!


When you need a boost of energy, what do you gravitate toward?

When I need a boost of energy, I normally like to eat a healthy meal and go to the gym! 


When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful when my hair is slicked back into a bun, no make-up, some big ole' hoop earrings and some lip gloss!


Which Lip Lock’d products are you currently using, and when do you find them most useful?

My FAVORITE lipstick from Lip Lock’d is Carpe Vinum. It’s my Winter go to lip stick for sure! You can’t tell me nothing when I have that on! 

Who inspires you, whether it’s beauty, attitude, self love or otherwise?

I’m inspired daily by so many people, there’s always so much inspiration on social media these days, there’s no way not to be inspired.


What do you want to offer to your followers through Curls and Purpose?

My goal on @curlsandpurpose is to inspire men and woman daily to live life in their true purpose, simply by embracing their natural born selves.

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